Friday, January 2, 2009

Thoughts on Gaza

The death tole rises as the oppression and subjugation of a people continues in Palestine. The Zionist war-hawks that run Israel have a few objectives with this new wave of killing. One is to create fear in the entire middle east and show that they are dead serious about their security and sovereignty. Another is to continue to systematically wipe away the Arab people and their culture from the region. They have waged what they call a “total war” against a people that are essentially defenseless. They have no army, no Apache helicopters, no F-16 bombers, not even electricity at this point. But Israel does, and with these things, they are massively bombing a tiny piece of land home to 1.5 million people. The “news” we hear is mostly pro Israel because America has a vested interest in selling Israel weapons. Like the US, Israeli companies have made millions on the homeland security boom, a disaster capitalism complex born of fear after 9/11. It has made Israel more powerful in the world market and the "terrorism" catch phrase has been a convenient one for them to adopt in order to continue Palistinian suppression.

The much discussed rockets that were fired into what was once Palestine, now illegally Israel, may or may of not been fired by Hamas. Some say it was the US backed anti-Hamas group Fatah that operates in the area, in order to provoke an attack from Israel. But even it was the democratically elected Hamas, does a few non-lethal rockets equate a full scale invasion- 400 dead already, half of them children? I don't think so. It is a crime against humanity. The sad thing is the Palestinians have nowhere to go. Their movement is restricted by Israeli troops that don't allow people to go from one town to another, let alone leave Palestine. The Israeli army does not let in food, medical supplies, or fuel. The already poverty stricken people are caged in and trapped as the war machine bombs them deeper and deeper into unsurvivable conditions.

Israeli citizens smile and watch an air strike from the safe side of the apartheid wall.

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