Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bobbie Marie

This is a band that does it right. Thomas and Rene write and produce the music. They release 3 limited vinyl only 7”s on the best label on earth. Get a killer band to back you up for gigs in Los Angeles (sans Thomas). Play a free show at the best venue in LA- 3 Clubs. Bobbie Marie. Check these dudes out. They know how to put on a show. Renee is a real deal frontman, in the tradition of Nation of Ulysses/ James Brown/ Iggy Pop/ Jesus Lizard. Dude went pretty crazy. They kind of sound like a combination of those bands too. The music is weird backwoods forward-thinking rock n’ roll. I’ve heard it described as “barnyard punk.” There is also a slight house element that creeps through in slower songs. The new 12” is totally out there. Ship Overboard sounds like a sea shanty being sung from a mile under water. There are still some copies available at Amoeba. Next show is Feb 24. Peep it.

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