Monday, October 22, 2007

P-Lords Music Mix: Fall Edition

Here is a mix I recorded tonight. This one is the result of a lot of research, digging and hunting for the proper versions on vinyl, and trying out the tunes during sets. These are songs about love. I think you'll dig it.

Check it out.

The Source feat. Candi Staton - You Got The Love
Louis - Pink Footpath
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love
Carly Simon - Why
Taana Gardner - Heartbeat
Pat Metheny Group - Barcarole
Art of Noise - Moments In Love
Ooioo - Linglinglee (Kan&K.U.D.O. Mix)
Aphex Twin - 4
Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
Jorge Ben - Oe Oe Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada

I think Frankie would have been stoked on this if he played it loud enough.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge 1969-2007

Member of Psychic TV and Genesis P-Orridges' "other half," Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, died unexpectedly on October 11th of an undiagnosed heart condition. She died in Genesis' arms in Brooklyn. Anyone that knows me, knows Genesis is one of my greatest inspirations. So to hear his partner is gone is kind of devastating. My heart goes out to the PTV family. Me and P-Dorkel saw her play
with Psychic TV a few years ago and we agreed it was one of the best concerts we'd seen. Genesis and her had been getting surgeries/performing rituals to look like each other as much as possible in order to manifest their idea of Pandrogeny. Essentially, they are utilizing science and will to realize the idea of moving beyond age-old concepts like gender. Evolutionary development naturally leads to new ways of perceiving and living. More eloquently, in Genesis' words, Pandrogeny is "a state of positive androgeny. An alchemical state where all physical and mental boundaries are dis-solved to awaken our remembrance of what we were before the beginning of T.I.M.E." It is "the end of this 'redundant' physical manifestation of form of our species and the recognition that the brain is a separate yet coexistent entity symbiotically dwelling within the body." A fascinating article on their body art project is here. Lady Jaye was living these ideas for real. Very inspiring. RIP.

This is some mind bending art they did together: More here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Scariest Films of All Time

Halloween is coming. So Tim wrote the top ten scariest films of all time for Potion Lords. Tim knows horror. He always has. He's probably seen every horror movie. Here they are:

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Raw. I saw this film when I was a young lad, and I had waking nightmares for years after. Leatherface will stick with you long after the film has ended. After watching this, you'll think twice about picking up a hitchhiker and eating Southern Bar-B-Que.

2. Susperia

A surreal nightmare captured on film. The first five minutes of this film will leave a mark. Sound and image blend to create disturbing moods. A gothic masterpiece with one of the best sound tracks ever composed.

3. Halloween

The unknown in your home. Michael Myers will haunt my dreams forever. Nothing scares me more than sitting at home in the middle of the night, windows everywhere, and suddenly feeling like I am being watched by him... The best horror melody ever written.

4. The Thing

Atmosphere. Isolation and despair. Distilled paranoia captured on screen. The tone set in this film is ice cold, like the arctic surroundings.

5. Hellraiser

Doom. Imagery straight from the unconscious. Chains, torn flesh, demons, and eternal damnation. A Pandora's box nightmare.

6. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Sick. What makes this scary is that it's based on reality. Henry claimed to kill over two hundred people. He was active for over a decade, he killed his mother when he was twelve.

7. Last House On The Left

Shocking. This film signaled the end of sixties innocence. The brutal scenes of torture are still just as disturbing today. When you watch this film, you don't want anybody walking in on you.

8. Repulsion

The mind is a powerful thing. The tale of a young, beautiful, disturbed virgin's descent into madness. You feel as if you are going insane. One of the first films to translate insanity onto the big screen.

9. Nosferatu

Dark. Classic. The shots are unbelievable, the casting and costumes are freaky. Once you catch a glimpse of Count Orlock, you'll never forget him. Another film straight out of a nightmare.

10. Johnny Got His Gun

Pure horror. This film will change you forever. A stark depiction of living hell. One of the most terrifying concepts imaginable. It sticks to you like blood you can't wash away. The most powerful anti-war film ever made.

Monday, October 8, 2007


I met these two cats at a party last weekend. We were the first ones there. They told me about there band, Exitmusic, and how they wrote, performed, produced, and recorded their album, The Decline of the West, at home by themselves. The result is a warm lo-fi cloud of melodies and soundscapes. Really nice dueting vocals and raw sounding drums and guitars. The band is Devon, a writer I believe, and Aleksa, an actress who works with Sidney Lumet. They gave me some good advice about my blog. I figured their band was interesting when they said they had been in a five hour meditation workshop that day. Always a good sign. They have other people that play live with them but I think the core group is just them. Their next show is Oct. 10 at Tangier. I have a gig that night to so I can't make it but it's probably worth checking out. There is a very interesting video here. And check out this song: Strike Anywhere.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth have a long and interesting history and discography. They started out in the no wave noise scene in New York in the early 80's. They wound up on MTV in the 90's and then rejected their semi-commercial sound of the time for a weirder more avant-garde approach on albums like Experimental, Jet Set, Trash, and No Star. I'm not sure where they are at now, I haven't heard the last two albums. But at one point I owned every record and single on vinyl. I've seen them live numerous times over the years, the best being an experimental set they did at Bumbershoot in Seattle in the late 90's when the SYR records we released. I'd say they are one of the best guitar bands ever. These are my five favorite records by them in order, with a link to a standout track from each one.

1. Evol

This is an absolutely classic record. It has elements of early feedback driven tribal sonic youth and more melodic sounds of future releases like Daydream Nation. The incredible cover is a still from one of Richard Kern's films. It also has the classic show closer feedback jam Expressway To Yr Skull and one of Kim's finest moments, Shadow of a Doubt. The lyrics on this album are extremely cool.

2.Washing Machine

This record has the coolest song order ever. Who's idea was it to put Becuz first? That song has the simplest riff and the timbre of her vocals is amazing. The song sets the mood of the album that goes on to include the epic Diamond Sea and Thurston's song about Kurt Cobain(i think) Junkie's Promise. There are weird awkward riffs everywhere and this is where Kim started playing guitar a lot so there are three guitars jamming all over it. Contains my favorite jams outside of Hits of Sunshine from A Thousand leaves. Skip Tracer contains a lyric I always think of while driving around the Los Angeles: "L.A. is more confusing now, than anywhere I've ever been to." hahaha

3. Sister

What can I say about this? Another absolute classic. Tuff Gnarl, Cotton Crown, PCH, Schizophrenia, they're are all here. I think this is my brothers favorite, he still has it on cassette. Here is one of the first songs that got me thinking about how fucked up Catholicism is: Catholic Block. When my bro and I met Thurston, Nick told him this was his favorite song. Thurston was stoked.

4. NYC Ghosts & Flowers

This is the worst reviewed Sonic album. Why, I have no idea. It only has 8 songs and features a lot of lyrical poetry and far out song structures. When I first moved to San Francisco in summer 2000, I walked around the mission with this in my headphones. It says a lot about living in a city. The title track, NYC Ghosts & Flowers is also my favorite Lee Ranaldo tune. The cover art is by William Burroughs, whose influence can be heard all over the album.

5. Dirty

I think this was their best selling album due to the amazing videos for 100% and Sugar Kane. This record has a lot of songs on it and they are all good. There are a few songs/references about Joe Cole, Henry Rollins' best friend that was murdered in Venice. Check out Cole's book that Rollins published posthumously called Planet Joe. This record was huge for us alternative kids in high school. This is Purr.