Friday, January 6, 2017

Films in 2016 an effort to continue a long standing tradition below are ten notable films from 2016...


Corruption born of desperation rots the Romanian education system; Deeply nuanced, intelligent writing and directing from modern master Christian Mungiu. Every scene a drama unto itself.

Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru

Seekers in the managerial class are evangelized by a superhuman and his music cues; prone to inexperience, weak minds gravitate to authority; in search of the ecstatic - hypnotized by a giant. A peek into nightmarish never-ending team building exercises that only corporate culture could celebrate. However, messages of Empathy and Will are critical. A spellbinding documentary. Fascinating, powerful. I salute the giant.

American Honey

Midwest; homeless kids; rap music in cars. A film that exudes life. A scattered, poetic vision of youth; a patriotic, hopeful mirage of America.


Stunningly photographed and directed, the pacing perfectly intertwined with the artistry. A towering achievement from Justin Kurzel.

Midnight Special

Faith and the believer unite as 10th dimensional beings reveal themselves in search of a Christ-like E.T.


Not since The Fountain has multidimensional consciousness been so eloquently dealt with. Well-paced, thoughtful excellence.

Heaven Knows What

An otherworldly dream-state reality from the Safdie Bros. Grimy, raw & beautiful. Brilliant electronic score. Arielle Holmes is amazing in this and American Honey, a raw talent.

Who Took Johnny

A haunting real life conspiracy at the highest levels of control. We've known the truth, here we get closer to proof. Then again, maybe the mom is insane. A mysterious movie.

The Witch

Initiation into the coven; An intelligent look at religious madness. A few stunning bravado shots, especially of the witches lair. I read the director studied Klimov's Come and See, it shows. An incredible debut film.

Only The Dead See the End of War

Heavy, brutal war footage, Fallujah sequence especially. Non-political, poignant, disturbing.