Monday, May 10, 2010

Batwings (A Liminal Hymn)

Here we have one of the deeper, heavier tunes that I'm aware of- Batwings (A Liminal Hymn) by Coil from 2000. The first half of the song is about Sir Thomas Browns 16th Century tract Musaeum Clausum, which is, from what I understand, a catalog of different books and objects that never existed. Appropriately, the second half finds John Balance in his world, singing in a language all his own. A song so serious it was played in part near the end of Balance's funeral, a man whose artistic life was essentially a mediation on death and otherness. Ripped from the LP by Musick to Play in the Dark 2.

Coil - Batwings (A Liminal Hymn)

"There is no guilt, there is no shame."