Monday, October 8, 2007


I met these two cats at a party last weekend. We were the first ones there. They told me about there band, Exitmusic, and how they wrote, performed, produced, and recorded their album, The Decline of the West, at home by themselves. The result is a warm lo-fi cloud of melodies and soundscapes. Really nice dueting vocals and raw sounding drums and guitars. The band is Devon, a writer I believe, and Aleksa, an actress who works with Sidney Lumet. They gave me some good advice about my blog. I figured their band was interesting when they said they had been in a five hour meditation workshop that day. Always a good sign. They have other people that play live with them but I think the core group is just them. Their next show is Oct. 10 at Tangier. I have a gig that night to so I can't make it but it's probably worth checking out. There is a very interesting video here. And check out this song: Strike Anywhere.

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