Monday, March 17, 2008

Hangover of the Year

Yeah, we all get real fucked up now and then. Maybe even black out and wake up in a weird place. But goddamn- look at this kid! This is my choice out of the Hangover of the Year Finalists, with the kid shitting himself a close second. I like this picture because his friends were nice enough to bring him a pillow to try and rest his head on- but not pull him out of the bathroom. Classic. A lot of the sites hosting the pictures have omitted the one below. I think it is hysterical. I love the look on the girls face in the corner. Must of been a hell of a party.

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Dylan said...

Deklyne! shoot me an email and let me know if it's cool with you if we link our blogs. are you going to make it to bobby's wedding? I'm sure you wouldn't miss it, but I am having a tough time with cash, was curious if you found any air/hotel deals. please email or call about the blog linkage I've turned a few people on to yours already. It continues to be a super fun forum for things I l;ove and want to share. I miss and love you. How bout an internet only release of a "oaks club" remix!!?? I'm ready to reprise my part. We could assemble the whole thing online as i have a online storage space for music files I rented for this sort of thing, its quite handy. Send me your email too, I don't know if this is a good way to get ahold of you. Love, Shea