Friday, March 21, 2008

Funny Games

Go check out Funny Games. Austrian director Micheal Haneke (Benny's Video, Cache) remade his 1997 German film in English and set the story in America. Almost everything is the same- every shot, the incredible costumes, the dialogue, and sets. Michael Pitt, Tim Roth, Brady Corbett, and especially Naomi Watts give amazing performances with materiel that must of been tough to shoot. I won't go into what the film is about here because, if possible, I recommend seeing this without knowing ANYTHING about it. It will hit you harder that way. I say this because Tim left a copy of the 1997 version at my house last year. Without hearing or reading about it, I threw it on. The way the story unexpectedly unfolds is pretty mind blowing. After coming out of the theater last night Warren said it was an instant classic but one of the most uncomfortable films he had ever sat through. Indeed, the super long takes and tension are pretty unsettling. But it is beautiful none the less.

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