Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Diana Ross Videos: Part 3: I'm Coming Out

Our Diana Ross video retrospective continues with a montage from her two free concerts in Central Park, NYC in 1983. She performs in the pouring rain for 800,000 people each day!! The video starts with day one and a little clip of her singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough soaking wet. We then see her start singing the opening number of day two IN HER TRAILER. Diana really knows how to enter and exit a stage. At the 1996 Super Bowl performance she left singing in a helicopter. Anyway, here she sprints to the stage singing her classic hit I'm Coming Out. You can feel the excitement in the air. The tune is another Rogers/Edwards Chic production that became a gay anthem upon its release in 1980. They said they wrote it after seeing drag queens dressed as Diana in an Los Angeles disco. The last tune isn't particularly noteworthy but she sure does belt it out.

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