Friday, January 4, 2013

Doug Stanhope

I'd like to a take a moment and make sure the readers of this website are familiar with comedian Doug Stanhope. Not only is Stanhope the funniest man alive but I seriously think he is our country's premier social critic. When I first heard Stanhope’s material I couldn’t believe what I was hearing- it was like finding a friend, or at least a voice of reason in an insanely idiotic world. All his stand-up specials are indispensable but No Refunds is especially essential viewing. If you're anything like me this will be the best hour you spend all year. Deadbeat HeroFrom Across The Street and Word Of Mouth are amazing too and you can buy them direct from Doug. There are a couple videos on Netflix or they're all available via Torrents (Doug encourages file sharing). Below is an audio clip (there is video too if you find the DVD) from his most recent release Before Turning The Gun on Himself where he rips apart "rehab" through the lens of the fraud that is Dr. Drew Pinsky. Enjoy.

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