Tuesday, January 29, 2013


One of my favorite books is James Shelby Downard's The Carnivals of Life and Death, his memoir of growing up in the deep south at the turn of the century battling the KKK and Freemasons. He believes Masonic elites run the world through a series of ritualistic psychodramatic charades- a twisted form of sorcery obsessed with sex and death i.e. the skullduggery of the Cryptocracy. I highly recommend the book, its pretty much batshit crazy but entirely informative. One of these rituals was the Killing of the King a.ka. the assassination of John F Kennedy. Easily the most far out JFK conspiracy- it basically postulates that Kennedy had to die because of occult rituals put in to motion in ancient Scotland that also included the alchemy of the atomic bomb and mystical toponomy of the American southwest. He and Michael Hoffman mapped it all out in King Kill 33, a crazy masterpiece of unorthodox thinking. You can read the whole thing online, its fascinating stuff. Or if you prefer or a more tactile reading experience you can buy the research edition (pictured) from Hoffman's website Revisionist History. Hoffman also digs deep into the Cosmic Cryptogram ("The Revelation of the Method") in his classic book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Recommended. Downard died in 1998 while writing the second half of his memoir.

Side notes:

Interesting talk by Hoffman about NPR's use of propaganda and another eloquent one about Israel's abuse of sympathy to wage war.

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