Friday, January 8, 2010

Pacific Horizons

The first P-Lord affiliated record has been released. After working on the music and figuring out distribution for the last year it is finally hitting the streets. Here is what the London record shop Phonica has to say about it: "Pacific Horizons is a new band straight out of Los Angeles and this is their first release. Featuring a lush screen-printed and individually numbered cover (just 200 of these 12's) - the chaps definitely know what they're doing. On to the music though. The a-side "Universal Horizons", is a laid-back epic that's got 'balearic' written all over it and a psychedelic soaring guitar lead designed for hedonistic sunrises by the beach. On the flip, "The Amulet" ups the ante on the general balearic-ness of the record. A slowly-building journey into guitar-penned mysticism."

Hear samples and buy it here.

or here.

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