Tuesday, January 19, 2010

P-Lords Music Mix #10: Olivia & James

A new mix that was recorded for a website in Spain but I guess they never posted it. So here it is. Recorded with decks, records, and a cheap mixer. North Hollywood December 2009.

"People Don't Believe"

Lectroluv – People Don’t Believe (The Nylon Mix)
Laj & Quakerman – Bikini Endurance
DoublePlusGood – Conga Te (Mood II Swing Jungle Mix)
Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze-Up (Cosmo’s Tele-Tubby Mix)
Idjut Boys – Droid 1 & 4
Quando Quango – Love Tempo (Mix)
Johnny Clegg & Juluka – Two Humans on the Run (Rat Salad 33 Edit)
Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte
Man Like Me – Oh My Gosh (Ed Laliq Hoi Polloi Mix)
Style – My Kind of Woman
E-Zee Posse Feat. M.C. Kinky – Everything Starts With an ‘E’ (Renegade Soundwave Mix)
Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots (Out in the Sticks Edit)
The Style Council – The Big Boss Groove
Joe Jackson – You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)

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roy said...

everything starts with an e rsw mix!! found that record a few months ago, love it!!

nice one!