Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Laughing Light of Plenty

New band alert! The Laughing Light of Plenty is Thomas Bullock and Eddie Ruscha. A lot of readers of this webpage probably know about Thomas from Wicked, Rub n Tug, Map of Africa, etc... He is the best DJ in the world and a phenomenal producer. Eddie Ruscha is the son of the famous artist. He does amazing art and music as Secret Circuit and Dada Munchamonkey. The art above and below is by him. The first Laughing Light song, The Rose, is coming out on Whatever We Want Records, another 12" limited to 700 copies. Compared to Thomas' other music projects of late (Bobbie Marie, MOA, Welcome Stranger) this stuff is more dancefloor friendly and- dare i say- commercial? I think it is among his best work. It also has the best bass line I have heard in long time.

Listen to The Rose here.

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