Monday, June 30, 2008

Will Smith Is A Moron

Are you as sick as I am of seeing this dudes face plastered all over everything? Hancock??? Are you kidding me? Anyone that goes to see that movie should be shot. Besides having never made a good film, and being pals with the leader of an evil cult, here is the main reason I do not like this guy: He is opening a Scientology school but wont admit it. This fall him and his wife are opening the New Village Academy in Los Angeles that will employ Scientology teaching methods. Many of the teachers will be Scientologists. But he wont admit he is in the cult because it would be bad for his stupid image. The school also denies being involved with CoS, though they are using a Hubbard philosophy called "Study Technology." They claim Study Technology is a way to teach and learn but it is actually base level initiation into Scientology brainwashing. Very dangerous. One of its education methods is to not have children "read past words they don't know." Isn't that counter intuitive to the idea of learning? If you come across a word in a sentence you would look it up to learn the meaning, discover the context it is used in, and enrich your vocabulary. Not stop reading. Scientology is anti-education and anti- intelligence because the dumber people are, the more likely they are to give them money. Beware of schools like this and programs like ABLE, HELP, and Narconon that are nothing but fronts for the Church. Church members have been trying to get these programs in California schools, with varying degrees of success, for years. I remember being told I would ooze purple goo if I did drugs by a Narconon representative that came to my school in 3rd grade. Even back then I knew they were full of shit. Thank God that twisted program is out of our schools now. We need to stop these people.


pipecock said...

"6 Degrees of Separation" is an awesome flick that he was in. plus, his television show was basically essential viewing. who cares if he is a Scientologist? i am very weirded out at the abuse Scientologists take on the internet, as if they are the only people out there believing retarded religion. the way you feel about them is the same way i feel about Catholics and Christians.

kayakotto said...

Wow! You certainly are opinionated. As a Narconon graduate I find it disturbing that you would demean a program that saved my life and the lives of several friends of mine. My advice is for people to become informed on these subjects and make up their own minds. Sure beats listening to someone with some sort of ax to grind. Narconon puts out a fee booklet entitled "Guide to Addiction Recovery for a Lifetime" it is available free for the asking at Narconon may not be for everyone, but getting actual facts sure beats listening to someone rant and rave.

Signs of Life said...

i agree with you pipecock about catholics and christians- they're all delusional. but the evils of those organizations are well documented. scientology, however, is not. it is not just a "retarded relgion," but a organization that destroys families, is against indivisualism, and prays on the poor and underpriviledged.

as for kayakotto, there are very few "actual facts" presented in Narconon unless you consider their statement "all drugs are poison" as fact. drugs can enrich ones life if used responsibly.

Fredric said...

Scientology is first and foremost organized crime. Scientology holds the distinction of having committed the single most widespread act of domestic espionage against the United States in our nation's history in an operation the corporation calls "Operation Snow White," a project which the Scientology corporation has never canceled despite 11 of its top ringleaders being sent to prison (L. Ron Hubbard fled from Federal officers and hid at Gilman Hot Springs while he let his wife take the fall.)

The syndicate's quack front they call "NarCONon" is another profound and disturbing scam being committed against society. Not only does their insane NarCONon quack notions not work, it can maim and has some times killed, and even more disturbing, it diverts people away from REAL drug treatment facilities -- and drains their victim's bank accounts by some $20,000 bucks which is the whole point.

How insane is that?

Avoid Scientology at all costs.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone else who thinks will smith is annoying and retarded.