Friday, June 27, 2008

The Story of Honzagool

Our story begins with a man named Sam Sloan, a writer and chess teacher:

In Pakistan in 1980 he married Honzagool in her family home. They came to America for a few years and had a child, Shamema:

They enjoyed American things like Las Vegas. This is a pregnant Honzagool at Circus Circus:

One day a man named Aziz that Sloan had helped get into the country took Honzagool and tried to extort money out of Sloan. As Sloan was dealing with this a Pakistani lawyer and known member of anti American group Jamaat-e-Islami, named Raja Abdul Rashid, wanted Honzagool as his second wife. Second, as in he already had one, and wanted another. Honzagool was sent back to Pakistan under the false pretense of a two week visit to see her mother. She never returned. Rashid began petitioning to nullify Sloan and Honzagools marriage because in Pakistan adultery is punishable by death by stoning. Him and his cronies wrote hundreds of articles for local papers defaming Sloan’s character. He didn’t have much luck until he found a corrupt judge and bribed him. Sloan claims the men that did this were very dangerous people and he tried to tell the FBI about them but they wouldn’t listen. After 9/11 some of these same men were blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center. In 1990 Shamema was kidnapped by two Christian Fundamentalists associated with Jerry Falwell named Cindy and Charles Roberts. This is Cindy with the captive Shamema:

They took her under the guise of adoption, and with help of the FBI, got her to America and enrolled her in Lynchburg Christian Academy. Sloan has been fighting to get her back ever since. He has even been jailed for claiming untrue kidnapping charges. The FBI thinks he is nuts, he says the FBI is in on the whole thing. Shamema is now in the US Military, loading and unloading bombs onto jets in the Middle East.

She acknowledges Sloan is her father but claims she was not kidnapped. Honzagool is back in Pakistan and probably jailed or dead because of the American attacks in the area:

The Internet is a strange place. I don’t know if this story is true. If you go to Sam Sloan’s site there are hundreds of pages about every little detail of it. You can click link after link after link. Down the rabbit hole of the Web and one mans obsessed mind, not unlike Ongs Hat.


Anonymous said...

Sam Sloan is quite a nice person. A what you see is what you get kind of person. Led an interesting life. Nice guy to spend time with, easy to talk to.

Anonymous said...

trust me sam sloan was not a nice person...and btw Honzagool is neither dead nor jailed...I know honzagool personally and currently she lives in Islamabad (the capital of pakistan) with her husband and four children and she is living a pretty good life with her new family...And alot of things said in this article and on sam sloan's website are not true...

Signs of Life said...

Good to hear she is well. If this isnt true- what is the real story?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people believe all this crap..this Sam Sloan is a big fight liar and honzagool is neither jailed nor dead.she got married again and has 4 children and i personally know one of her sons..I even met honzagool recently and she's doing really fine