Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Search for Garcia

The search is on. Who will play Jerry Garcia in the upcoming "biopic"?
We have some ideas. Beware- these may seem silly or downright offensive to Deadheads or anyone who respects the history of American music. But this is Hollywood and the exploitation of a meaningful and important life to make a quick buck is nothing new.
For maximum sappiness, I hear the film centers around Jerry's 1986 coma and recovery. Ouch.

How about:

Jack Black? So so wrong.

Javier Bardem? He may as well play John Lennon.

Jared Leto in a fat suit? Boycott.

Benicio Del Toro could work.

Cate Blanchett as 85 Garcia? HAha.

Fuck it, why not Jamie Fox? He already disgraced Ray Charles.

What about that dude Paul Giomantti? Ridiculous.

DeNiro. That could be interesting.

You know what? Let sleeping dogs lie. I hope this movie doesn't get made.