Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Diana Ross Videos: Part 1: Upside Down

Diana Ross. One of the greatest careers of all time. A voice that has touched millions over the last 40 years. I keep buying her records and so far each one is excellent and unique. Her creative output is staggering. From her early Motown days with the Supremes, to amazing disco tracks with Chic, 80's stuff with Arthur Baker, the music is pure heart and soul. This is the first in a series of live performance videos I've found on Youtube. I had'nt realized what an amazing performer she was until I did some research. The joy in this video is so magical I almost cried the first time I saw it. Especially towards the end when a guest from the audience comes on stage with her.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! i kmow exactly what you mean! I was filled indescribable feeling of reaAL JOY - MAGICV - WHEN I FIRST saw it on utube.
Really magical. No one; on tv or video these days can get you that high.