Friday, January 18, 2008

Help Slip Frank

This is it. The Grateful Dead. This upload comes from a CD made directly from the original master tapes recorded by a New York taper that Bob Panknin knew. Maybe he could shead some more light on this recording because years ago he gave me this CD with 'unknown early 90's GD' written on it. What an unbelievably joyful performance! For the uninitiated, Help Slip Frank is a term for a long piece of music the Dead played that combined three songs: Help on the Way, Slipknot, and Franklins Tower. It was one of their major works and a high point for any show, especially as an opener. The date of this jam is unknown at this point, but Bruce Hornsby is all over this, putting it somewhere between 1990- 1993. You can just picture him and Jerry grinning wildly at each other during their solos. Listen to the tone of Phils bass, have you ever heard anything like that? He had worked on that sound for 30 years at that point. Jerry brings Franklins to a climax that is way beyond description. So this is a treat for old school heads and will hopefully turn some new people on to the greatest American band ever. No doubt.


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