Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Film Reviews


This is Ian Curtis' story told by people that knew and loved him. It is based on his wifes recollections of him, as she also produced the film. This is the best recent use of black and white cinematography I can think of. They shot in color then transfered to B&W because it fits the streets of Manchester and the mood of the film better. This was beautifully shot in the exact places Ian grew up. The actors do a great job. Sam Riley does the legendary Curtis dance well, and Samantha Morton is incredible as usual. This is not an uplifting picture but super inspiring nevertheless.

Resident Evil: Extinction

This was pretty good. The production design was incredible, the sets looked awesome. The lighting, cinematography, and overall tone were impressive too. They rehashed the 'post apocalyptic last humans on earth battling the undead' plot for the hundredth time, but whatever. You know what your getting if you sit down to watch this. I watched it online at 4 in the morning. Milla Jovovich is pretty rad, I read she is the highest paid supermodel in the world (10 million a year.) There are tons of cliches and faults with this movie but if you wanna zone out, it's pretty scary and fun.

The Queen

Finally saw this. It's interesting because the actors are playing living people experiencing recent events. I didn't realize the extent of the controversy in England regarding the Queen not publicly reacting to Dianas death. I guess they didn't even like her. Tony Blair comes off as the idiot he is. The film is a good guess at what life is like for the Royal Family.

American Gangster

Pretty standard stuff. Drug dealer vs cop and the dealer eventually gets popped and narcs. But definitely worth watching. I am sick of Denzel doing the same shit over and over but oh well, better than Will Smith. Props to the script by Steve Zallian, the Don. No easy task putting that together, the man is a master. I hate to say it but I think T.I. is a WAY better actor than RZA.


Holy shit! This is awesome! I got it for a dollar on VHS from my local library. This is a classic documentary from before documentaries were popular. Informative, weird, and thought provoking. Laugh out loud funny too. I find it inspiring how dedicated these nerds are. The girl in the picture is my favorite.

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