Saturday, December 22, 2007


The latest Harvey party was last weekend. Paul T and company found an exellent new space in east LA. The heads came out of the woodwork and were ready to party. We did. The crowd was going off all night, yelling like crazy for each little change in the music. Harvey made amazing use of his 1/4" tape dub delay system all night long, really tripping people out with it. He took the music unusually deep this time. Not soft, sensual deep; but dark, on the edge of sanity deep. It sounded like a lot of 90's records from London or something. Some of the artists he played throughout the night were Voyage, UFO, Still Going, Visual, Chris & Cosey, Edgar Winter, Mandy Smith, Paper Dolls, The Osmonds, Reverso68, and he even broke out the very first Black Cock edit. When the lights came on at the end of the night he played Music of Life by Cerrone. It sounded amazing on the Sarcastic Sound System. My friend who has been seeing Harvey play forever said it was the best set she's seen him play. That means this was some of the best music ever, and it definetly was. Get in touch if you want to come with us next time.

Photos by Kerry.

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