Monday, November 12, 2007

Rub n Tug

Rub n Tug did there 3rd party in Los Angeles on Saturday. If you're not familar with them, they are a DJ duo consisting of Thomas Bullock and Eric Duncan. Thomas came from England in 1991 and was the 'crazy one' in the legendary San Francisco psychedelic dance music crew Wicked. He has produced many styles of music over the years under the names Mammal, Mirror Boys, and Otterman Empire. Also, in the groups A.R.E. Weapons, Bobbie Marie, 3 Wheels Out, No Hassle From the Man, Supergroup, and Map of Africa. Eric is a DJ from LA that hooked up with Thomas in New York and started throwing parties in an old massage palor, hence the name Rub n Tug. They have made some of the best dance music ever by remixing a variety of artists. At this weekends party they played harder and deeper than usual, focusing on house and techno with a good dose of disco and 60's rock. When the sun came up at around 6 they broke out the weird eclectic tunes like So Happy Together by The Turtles and played them for an hour or so. That was the best part. Thomas dropped their classic mix of Sly Mongoose right towards the end and people went nuts. They were working the volume knobs from silence to full blast to emphasize different parts. Classic. It seemed like a bigger turnout than last time, maybe words got around a bit. The amazing photo above of Thomas was taken by Rob Derba. Listen to some of their mixes here.

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