Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrity Madness

The Potion Lords went to the Grove to see No Country for Old Men. Great movie. On the way out I noticed a nicely dressed girl with short blond hair and a really nice ass. She was walking in front of us with some dude. Just before we walked out the front door of the theater I noticed it was Paris Hilton. Ut oh. Cameras starting flashing, paparazzi started scrambling, yelling, and running. They cornered her and she couldn't go anywhere until security came over and escorted her to the parking lot. I'd never seen that sort of thing happen right in front of me. It was weird. The camera guys were menacing and obsessive and the overall vibe was not cool. What a crazy life she has. Just trying to take in a Coen Brothers film on a Monday night just like everyone else and she has to deal with those wackos. It took her 5 minutes to walk like 100 feet. She could barely move because they kept jumping in front of her. Below is picture from the fiasco.

A while back I ran into David Lynch at the Grove. That was pretty amazing. He was on his way into a restaurant with a young girl and his coat was tattered with holes in it. He looked like a real character in person.

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