Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luger E-Go - Path to Anacrchy Pass

Here's a track by Kenji Takimi who owns Crue-L Records in Japan. This is one of his weirder projects under his Luger E-Go guise. This is a ten minute experimental dance record he released as a one sided 12" in 2004. If you think it sounds low-fi/distorted/compressed I assure you thats just how the record is, as I recorded a clean vinyl rip. It's just a crazy record. Enjoy.

Lugar E-Go Path to Anarchy Pass Dead Can Dance by Kenji Takimi


Flore said...

wow man! love yr blog

Anonymous said...

hey ho. any chance of re-uploading this? thinking of buying the 12" as i like a lot of the luger e-go stuff, but it's often too OUT, even for me! So i'd love to check it out before i buy a copy :)

love, light, and peace - horton :)

Signs of Life said...

horton - the company i was using to store music online canceled my accounts but i can send you an mp3. email me at