Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two from Thelonious Monster

Here we have two forgotten gems from the druggier side of the 1980's Los Angeles rock scene. Thelonious Monster were a live music staple back then along side bands such as Fishbone, Jane's Addiction, Chili Peppers, Pygmy Love Circus, Liquid Jesus, and so on. I never saw them live but i remember seeing their name in the Calender section of the LA times each weekend as a young teenager. Very cool band. Below are a couple songs ripped from the LP Baby, You're Bummin' My Life Out In A Supreme Fashion. (Click the "share" button to for access to download).


Union Street:

This is a cool little clip of Bob Forrest back in '93:


a/d said...

Great to see some new content on here! Also, I really dig Thelonius Monster. Keep it up!

Signs of Life said...