Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Hole In My Heart

A weird little Swedish film from a few years ago. It was directed by Lucas Moodysson who is probably best known for a disturbing and important film about sex slavery called Lilya 4-Ever. If you haven't seen that- do so asap. This was his follow up and while still dark in tone, is way different. The film mostly consists of four characters in a tiny apartment. A woman and two men are trying to make a porn film. One of the men has a son who hides out from the madness in his room. He listens to noise music on his headphones to block out the sounds of degradation and fucking. The interesting thing here was he is actually listening to harsh noise, not metal or industrial like most "disturbed" teenagers in movies. I hadn't seen that in a film before. Also the noise, along with the quick and trippy editing, makes for a very jarring viewing experience. There is definitely a claustrophobic feel to this movie and it gets under your skin. The scenes in the apartment are inter cut with shots of night-vision confessionals, operations, dolls, meats, sex toys, all sorts of shit. The characters are all sad and fucked up people, emotionally isolated from each other and the world. Only through perversion and self-hate can they feel anything. Before exploring darker terrain, Moodysson's first two films were popular comedies- so the man is definitely on a journey of some sorts. If you're into challenging and unique film making, you'd like this. Everyone else, stay away.


d bene tleilax said...

this movie sounds really interesting, and if they're using actual harsh noise in it then it seems safe to say it's in tune with modern culture. added to the queue!

Warren said...

"harsh noise" me likes that... how did you hear of this film? I turned you onto Ilya 4 ever, but have not seen this one anywhere?