Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recommended Online Reading.

Came across these people: Street Carnage. Great website, check it out. Bypass the street fashion critiques and funny TV clips and go strait to the blog section. Check out the "Greatest Hits" on the right. There you will find hours of insightful and funny reading. These people definitely speak their mind. The comments are usually pretty good too. Check out this little rant about Firemen. They also pointed out this heavy piece by Steve Martin called The Death of My Father. Also check out the best Dark Knight review I have read yet. This guy Gavin McInnes is one hell of a writer. He started Vice with two other guys but split from the company when they started working with Viacom. Read this amazing article he did about To Catch A Predator.
Also, on a whole other level, this article by Dominick Dunne about the murder and trial of his murdered daughter is really really good.

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