Monday, July 14, 2008

Schapelle Corby

For those of you with HBO, they are now showing a good documentary called Ganja Queen. It is about a 27 year old Australian woman named Schapelle Corby that was caught in 2004 with ten pounds of weed in her boogie board bag in Bali, Indonesia. Of course she claims innocence. If she is, she is either a really good actor and/or has convinced herself she didn't do it. Well, who did it then? Some say it was baggage handlers at the airport but there is no evidence at all and that doesn't seem likely when you consider the other suspects: her family. There are few options as to who the guilty party is.

Option one: her father. He is an obvious liar. When it comes out after the trial that his neighbor and best friend got arrested for growing weed, he claims he never knew about it. Bullshit. But the filmmakers do go to the neighbors farm and interview the guy and he seems pretty strait up. He grows dirt weed and Schapelle was caught with Hydro. But that doesnt mean he doesn't have hook ups. Another weird thing is the father was dying of cancer at the time- he is dead now- so why didn't he just say he planted the weed without her knowledge in the hope the court has mercy and lets her out?

Option two: the scumbag brother. She has a younger half brother that does not appear much in the film but when he does he can barely talk, they have to subtitle his speech... He seems like a half-wit or some kind of moron. After the trial he was sentenced to four years in jail for attacking and robbing some people of their money and weed. He was also holding the boogie board bag at the Bali airport when customs called him over to search it. When they asked if it was his, Schapelle stepped in and said it was hers.

Option three: the older sister, Mercedes, and her husband. Mercedes lives in Bali with her native Indonesian surfer husband. He seems chill and refers to pot as "god-plant." A close family friend that attended the trial came out recently, and while taking and passing a polygraph test, said that in the past Mercedes had offered to pay her to import weed for her. During the trial Mercedes is freaking out just as much, if not more than Schapelle. It seems like she is consumed with guilt and knows it is her fault.

So what happened? My guess is the brother or the father or both scored the weed and were going to have Mercedes and her husband sell it to their local connections. They probably offered Schapelle a bit of money to put it in her bag or just did it without asking. Either way that is pretty fucked up because she was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years. It could have been worse- the maximum punishment was the death penalty. All the appeals she is allowed have been filed and rejected. All for POT. More evidence the world is run by idiots. Devastating. You probably can't but try and help.

Schapelle as she learns her fate. This is a really sad scene in the film.

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