Friday, May 2, 2008


I hadn't been properly stoned in a few months so last night I smoked some bubble hash and watched the movie Smiley Face. What a delightful combination. This is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Anna Feris stars as Jane, a pothead who accidentally eats an entire batch of pot cupcakes and trips out hard as she tries to do the most simple tasks. For anyone that's ever been really stoned or dosed, this is a must see. We see the world totally through her eyes as she deals with all kinds of squares and uptight citizens. There is plenty of subtle psychedelic humor for the dedicated psychonauts out there. Gregg Arakis' direction is very creative, he gets inside the hallucinations in Jane's head in a fantastically realistic way, resulting in one of the trippiest movies in a long while. Anna Feris is a genius. Her reactions are hysterical. She mumbles, fumbles, and bumbles her way through the day. The supporting cast is incredible too. Each actors plays their character in a overly quirky and weird way that's hard to describe but makes perfect sense to a high mind. This film redefines the pot movie genre and is one of the best drug movies ever.

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