Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jumbos Clown Room

The Clown Room is pretty amazing. My friend Golda took me there for the first time last night. The dancers are extremely hot and very nice. Especially Pris, I've never seen a more unique or original dancer. The pics are of her. My friend and I both commented she was the only one to actually turn us on. She danced to pretty good music too. She said she'd been working there 9 years.

People in the crowd were showering the girls with money. I saw girls make like 100$ in 5 minutes. They deserved it. The bar is nice and the drinks are fairly strong. People cheer for the girls when they break out the moves. It's pretty fun in there. Jumbos is a classy joint in that old school Hollywood style. Its been around since 1970. Had to post this lovely photo of Pris as well:
edit oct 8th: I just heard David Lynch wrote Blue Velvet in there!

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Rob said...

Oh please tell me you ate L at Jumbos.