Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paula Temple at Berghain

I heard Paula Temple DJ an amazing live set at Berghain in Berlin this past Sunday morning. To hear proper techno of this caliber on that clubs system was mind blowing. Below is a downloadable recording of the 3rd and final hour (7 - 8am) of her set. Coincidentally, the mix starts with the Surgeon track I posted earlier this month. Also, definitely check out her critical and forward thinking Colonized 12" on R&S.

Pere Ubu - Breath

Pere Ubu perform Breath (Let's Not Talk About Tomorrow) in 1989. From the Cloudland LP.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sugeon - Radiance

One of the better electronic music albums I have heard in some time is Surgeon's 2011 LP Breaking the Frame. Unlike the punishing intricacies of his earlier records that defined the "Birminghmam techno" sound he is known for, this release is experimental and psychedelic in nature. You can download one of the more mental tracks below.

Surgeon - Radiance